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October 18, 2008

PHP, CSS, XHTML, and a lot of Mountain Dew

Alright so I'm kidding about the last one.

So you're all probably wondering what I've been doing all this time. The new Moviestorm project is coming together slowly from several angles. Currently, I am working on the website where this new project will find its home. I have a domain name and a skeleton site up and running, with most if not all of the photoshop and layout work done, as well as signing up to display "Ads By Google." Now for the hard part; I don't know the first thing about MySQL.

On another front, I've been saving funds for the dual purchase of Sony ACID Pro, and Particle Illusion. And learning how to use both. Original Music and Original Special FX are both part of the plan.

On another front, I have the first four episodes of the series scripted, though I've been in programming-mode and haven't worked on them in a while, though with my track-record, I want as much of the writing done before I officially start, as possible.

On yet another front that I haven't really explored as much as I should, I've been toying with Moviestorm itself, getting a feel for the program. There are more limits than my imagination would like, but them's the breaks. It is a new product and additional features are being patched in all the time. I've also made a point to invest in all the content packs available for Moviestorm, assuring the maximum possible library of assets.

And all in between I've been doing my share of scattered ADD behavior. Well, sort of. I've been playing a little WoW (to level inscription), I've been working on a couple of old writing projects, and vastly enjoying my PS3.

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