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August 28, 2008

A Great Paradigm Shift

Wow, that script for The Thaenor Chronicles - Chapter Three sure is taking longer than I thought it would. It is already far longer than the script for chapter two, and barely half done. Unfortunately, the promised release date of September is officially a no-go, as The Thaenor Chronicles (as well as all other WoW machinimating) will be taking a back seat to a massive new serial project.

Why? Several reasons.
Firstly, with the passage of my 19th birthday, it has hit me that I really need to look to my future, and machinimating in WoW precludes ever profiting from my work.
Secondly, I truly feel I can take my art to a new level with this new project, not only creatively, but with a business model I have an excuse to invest in more complex tools.
Lastly, once on its feet, this path will leave me with enough free time to finish The Thaenor Chronicles. Believe me, I want to see the next movies finished more than you do.

This new serial project will be created using the Moviestorm engine, and will run one 10-minute episode every two weeks for twenty episodes per year on a dedicated website.
The target launch date is January 5th, 2009.


Anonymous said...

it is sad to see you are puting your wow story on hold i have been cheek back hopeing for the next one. but i under stand if your looking for work out of this new way your taking and hope you still find a little time for your other projects.

Anonymous said...

Please! I beg on my bare knees...Atleast make a seclusion or something like that on the Thaenor Chronicles! I wanna see Zemeth and Siubhan re-united.I cannot just bare that the last thing you see of them is that they become seperated by zemeth's death.I know,I have watched the scene after the editing...But...I don't wan't something beautiful end like that.