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May 1, 2008

Oh Balls.

It would seem that one of my storage drives kicked a few days ago. (IE crashed, died, went bad, said "FU! U NO SOUND FX" and spit on me...)

Nothing immediate was lost. My entire sound effect library was on that drive, but I can recover most of that from original sourse. All of the material that went into making any project that isn't The Thaenor Chronicles is just GONE though(TC has my other drive to itself). Looks like there won't ever be a director's cut of Netherwing - The Movie after all. A few other things were lost--that drive is where I tended to save random crap--but nothing all that important.

Still, this is a proverbial kick-in-the-shins, and I suppose I'm lucky it happened between projects.

In other news, you need to watch this. Right now.

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