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April 17, 2008

Writing Chapter Three

So, TC2 has been in the spotlight for a couple days now, with mixed reviews flying every which-way. To my surprise, the voice acting is catching a lot of flack; so much so that I've had concern from my actors that they'd be replaced. This will not be the case. I'm not going to replace anyone just because a bunch of random commenters are making blanket "u sux" statements.

I also feel that most of the blame for this is in fact on me, for the less-than-awesome writing prevalent in Chapter Two. Unfortunately, I originally wrote chapter two with the thought hanging over me that I was going to have to cajole my classmates into reading these lines I was writing. I was writing for kids, not actors, because at the time I hadn't dared hope I would actually have willing actors. I'm very grateful to every cast member for their interest and performance(in both the acting and professional sense).

So, on to Chapter Three now. There is a LOT of plot to explain, and a LOT of new material to introduce, and rather than dumb the writing down, I can craft to my heart's content; hopefully give my actors something vastly better to work with this time.

I would also like to say, I'm not going to rush Chapter Three. I will be working on it at every opportunity, however, and thanks to my awesome cast, there will not be a year-long hiatus like there was last time. Look forward to seeing Chapter Three out somewhere around this September.

1 comment:

James Bruner said...

Just saw chapter 2, and I must say it is fantastic. I don't think there is anything wrong with the voice acting, I enjoyed it.

best of luck with the third.