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March 4, 2008

The Thaenor Chronicles: Progress and Plans

Thanks to those who have turned in their lines on time, I've begun actual editing on The Thaenor Chronicles - Chapter Two. I'm still waiting on a couple people to send me lines, but things are looking like I'll be able to make the April 10th release date.

As I get into it, I'll be posting new screen shots every week along with a progress update.

In the mean time, however, I'd like to talk about where The Thaenor Chronicles is going in the future. Each of the five chapters is meant to showcase a distinct segment of events in the lives of the main characters. The following may or may not contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

Chapter One - The first of the five is quite simply the origin story. Zemeth is "rescued" as a small child and separated from his brother, Zalek. Zemeth grows up tormented and out of place among paladins, while Zalek lives the life they both should have had; that of a successful, well-adjusted Mage of Dalran. We see how Zemeth inevitably cannot live that life.
Chapter One was essentially the very first machinima I ever created, and it shows. I fully intend to do a redux once the series is complete, or when Northrend becomes available, because I very much want to film the opening of the redux in the real Dalran, not a recolored Silvermoon.

Chapter Two - The second of five that you're all waiting for right now, is focused around the idea of Zemeth becoming a whole person. In this chapter Zemeth has something that he's never had before and wont have again for a long time; he has family in the Night Elven trio that more or less takes him in. In Chapter Two we see Zemeth living this new life and being relatively happy and content.
However, Chapter Two is also where we start to see hints of the real story, as a backdrop to Zemeth's good life beginning to deteriorate due to forces beyond his control. Zalek doesn't get much face time in this chapter because he's still living the good life, but he does get one very kick ass action scene, though it ends up being a futile gesture. Chapter Two ends with Zemeth's death, and marks the transition between the first two, almost seperate stories, and the continuous third, fourth, and fifth.

Chapter Three - With the third of the five we move into the present day. The world has changed and Zemeth's pseudo-family is disparate. Yet in Chapter Three, Zemeth is reborn through the grace of Elune. He has trouble adapting to this changed world; he is alone again.
Chapter Three is essentially the action movie. Lots of fights and cool effects as Zemeth copes with his changed world in less than healthy ways.
A new main character, Kico, is introduced along with a villain that wont really effect any of our characters, other than Kico, until the very end.
Meanwhile we see the reintroduction of a character that was glimpsed in Chapter One, Illis Amara, who has changed over the years as much as Zemeth has. We see a much-less-changed Zalek searching for his brother's body and we see he and Illis team up. Doubt about Illis will be a big thing here; is she a badguy or a goodguy? We learn that in either case she will be antagonistic to Zemeth, which will put difficult decisions in front of Zalek.
The Script on Chapter Three is already 2/3 complete. This chapter will be technically and artistically as far above Chapter Two as Chapter Two is above Chapter One.

Chapter Four - The fourth of the five will be by far the most dialog-heavy and the longest of the chapters by a considerable margin. Chapter Four is the character drama, and the love story(s). All the major characters begin to thread into one-another's lives, new characters are introduced, and conflict is everywhere.
Mysteries are revealed, loyalties are tested, and the Zemeth vs. Illis plot line comes to a head. With the conclusion of Chapter Four most of the characters' issues will have been resolved and the understanding of the big picture will almost be complete.

Chapter Five - The fifth of the five, the final chapter, is more or less a war movie. The characters have come a long way to get here, and now finally they are faced with something truly larger than their lives. Chapter Five will be the pinnacle of combat-effects in the series, with massive battles between bizarre creatures and supernatural combat. The last of the loose threads will be tied up, along with the inevitable yet surprisingly non-violent confrontation between Zemeth and Zalek, and Kico's final revenge against her brother's murderer which also happens to save the world(Zemeth helps).

So that is where I plan to take The Thaenor Chronicles. Once the series is finished, I would also like to take the whole thing, and instead of creating a stand-alone redux of Chapter One, redo that part of the series and then merge the entire thing into one massive full-length movie.

But for any of that to happen, I need my voice actors to turn in their lines so I can finish off Chapter Two and beyond.

Wow, long post. And the WoW servers still aren't up...
Remember, next week, screenshots!

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