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March 27, 2008

State of the Movie

Everything you wanted to know on the progress of Chapter Two but were afraid to ask.

The WIP currently clocks in at 12 minutes and 19 seconds, with 17 pages of script completed and 8 pages still to go.
So far the movie includes 246 background files (images/video from mapviewer) , and 542 foreground files (images/video from modelviewer).

I'm planning to release a 90 second trailer for the movie any day now, with the final release date of the full movie (brace yourselves) pushed back and finalized at April 16th.


Anonymous said...

Oops. You didn't post any screencaps this week. *cries*

Mark Gilbert said...

Aw cheer up there ;P this week there's something way better than screens. :D

Selserene said...

Okay, that picture has made me realize that I clearly do not understand how to use Sony Vegas. My last movie had over 300 layers in it at the end. I couldn't figure out how to use the same layer more than once, since it applies all the changes to the new clip.

/jealously F's around with Vegas some more.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Mark Gilbert said...

Anything you can do in Vegas (except move a layer in 3D) can be done to either the layer, one event, all instances of a media file, or the entire project(except pan/crop).

I also do two passes, the first being what you see, the second will be for colorization and camera-movement.

Don't feel bad, I've been F-ing around with Vegas for years, to know what I know. :)