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March 25, 2008

The Big Patch

So. Today.
Patch day.

Fury of the Sun Well.

For what may be the first time, there is loads of new content I'm excited about, and I have a character or two at 70 in a position to participate.

However, I've promised you guys a movie by April 10th, and that was going to be hard to meet as is. In addition, it would be a bad idea to risk any bugs this patch might cause with the model viewer, at this time where were I to say I am using it frequently, would be an understatement.

So I will not be patching, I will be working. Chapter Two has seen too many delays already.

Now I bid you adieu and do some QQ.


Anonymous said...

You can't play your 70s you need to play that 63 pally you transfered! Or at the very least tell me what realm you play on, so I get to see the infamous Zalek and Zemeth Thaenor. lol

Mark Gilbert said...

:P and miss out on Quel'Danis? lol ;D

Cenarion Circle's my server, but the real deals aint much to look at ;P

I'm going to patch'n'play (yes, on the pally too) before I finish Ch2, just not until I know it wont mess up model viewer.