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November 11, 2007

Netherwing - The Movie

At long last, after a month of hard work, I am proud to present my contest entry: Netherwing - The Movie.

Playing through the Netherwing questlines in World of Warcraft is the most fun I have ever had in the game. The first moment I got blown off my mount by a giant ball of lightning, I knew, I had to make this into a movie.

Of course, therein lay the problem of how to condense a two-week quest-line down to a 15-minute movie, but I am proud of the result. Some things were changed, some things were cut, but all in all, I think it turned out well.

The music used in the movie primarily from the Black Temple game music. I have to say, I'm glad for it. It is some of the best stuff the composers at Blizzard have come up with.

"Netherwing - The Movie" has now been submitted to for The Fabled Few contest in the Drama category. Cross your fingers with me!


Anonymous said...

*Fingers Crossed* It looks great Mark! Wow, I can see you really put your skills to the test.

And even if you don't win this little contest, you have an awesome new movie to share with your fans. :)

Good luck!

Maglor said...

Hi! My name's Tiago, I'm a "blood elf" from Portugal. I've seen the Netherwing movie on, and I realy had to come here and greet you on such an awsome job. I got completely addicted to it. And It's such a great tale, you should continue developing it. You never know where it may get. The work is awsome. The only weaker link were the voices. Some character's voices are much alike. If you ever cast people to do voices, let me know all right? It would be a real honor.

Good luck with the contest!