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October 15, 2007

The Fabled Few

I didn't want to make a post until I was sure my idea would take form, but it has. I'm happy to announce that I am indeed entering WCM's contest in the Drama category, with a brand new project.

I'm only in the scripting stages right now, but the idea I had is taking shape rather well on paper. I'm not going to give any details just yet, however. Suffice it to say that this project will be completely unrelated to any of my previous movies. It will be a stand alone presentation, which is just as well given all the rules one has to follow to be eligible. Not being able to use my rather extensive library of movie and game soundtracks to score this project will be my biggest obstacle. My largest worry, however, is cramming everything into the 15 minute time limit. That and finishing by the deadline of course.

I've recently installed Sony's Cinescore, and I'm hoping I'll be able to learn enough about it to compensate for otherwise only having Warcraft's music to work with. I must say, I'm extremely glad I invested in Sony's royalty-free sound-effects library, so I don't have anything to worry about on that front.

I'm debating at this time where I should film the backgrounds. Normally I would use MapViewer, but in this case, the movie takes place primarily in Shadowmoon Valley, which looks downright horrific in the MapViewer. On the other hand, filming in-game will require modifying many shots to work around NPCs and mobs, which I'm not sure would work to well. I love that MapViewer exists but its so dang finicky that sometimes you wish you were forced to work with the game. If 90% of the backgrounds filmed weren't blurred out anyway to simulate depth of field, this would be 9 times worse. High-rez, full-color, anti-aliased imagery from in-game drastically outshines the poorly shaded jaggy MapViewer. Gotta love a good gaussian blur.

Now, if maybe there was someone reading this, who could show me how to set up a private server and remove all NPCs and mobs...

But alas, it is a competition, and I must rely on myself.

Anyway, I'll be doing all the voices myself, except for one or two lines that I'll get my sister to read off. She has the attention span of a hummingbird, and the personality of a little fluffy dog on weed and speed, so that should be fun.

The project has only a working title at the moment, which I'm not sure I'll keep. It was funny actually. The idea for this movie sprang into my head fully-formed while I was playing WoW, a day or two before the Fabled Few contest was actually announced. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. That I'm entering a contest with it means I might be slightly less lazy about it, but I wonder how it might be different if there was no contest. I would have made the movie either way. Ah well, it's going to rock, and that's all I need to know. I promise. I vow that there will be an acceptable level of Uberness.

I'm excited about this project. A high-quality stand-alone movie full of action, intrigue and what I hope is good writing, and I get to use my new 800X450 render format since it doesn't have to coincide with anything and Youtube is not the primary distribution method.

The Contest deadline is November 12th (Please send me LOUD e-mails if they change it or something.) Look forward to a preview and screenshots on November 10th!

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